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Hard Candy

So apparently, the makeup brand Hard Candy is leaving.
By next season, theyre only gonna be selling their gift sets and everything else will be on sale and leaving us.
they're liquidating everything
soooooooooooooooo i think
you should start shopping before it leaves!!
Hard Candy

Hard Candy Kiss & Tell lipgloss-pretty color and is a fortune teller. check the cap :]

Hard Candy Nail Polish for $3.50

Selena Gomez

Star of Disney Channel's show, Wizards of Waverly Place.
she pretty much strikes up talk every now and then
she's 16, she's pretty aaaaaannd she can work fashion.

One shoulder dresses and shirts are BIG for fall.
they're popping up everywhere.
and miss selena gomez just worrrrrrrrrks it.
she's beautiful.
the end.

Ever since big belts came out and high-waisted pants, i have concluded that fashion blasts from the past.
so, if you happen to have old clothing that seems outta style now, save it, because chances are they're gonna come back and be the next big thing.

Forever 21.
i was just looking through and i found this. Instantly reminded me of Selena's dress. It's almost the same color, not as much detail, but its simple. for $19.80, i find that to be a good buy.

Just Cavalli

Juicy Couture

beautiful much?

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oh stella

Stella McCartney that is.

she's beautiful.
her designs are beautiful.

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Such an egg.

From so many shows, from so many designers, from fall fashion week 08
everything reminds me of eggs.
(ahem. :])

Alexander McQueen Runway

Giambattista Valli

i just really don't know what's up.
I feel like this is like dresses that you would wear those hugeee umbrella like things under to make your dress puff up and be round.
It's quite lovely to see something different on the runway though.
but i dont know if it's a keeper.

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Daniel Radcliffe.

So you can look HERE for the whole story.
I was a bit shocked.
well more like VERY shocked
The star of Harry Potter has a brain disorder.
but heyyyy, it led him to act
so you know
something bad...something good
but it was just crazy.
finding that out.
you have no idea.

Lauren Conrad.

I just absolutely love her.
from The Hills, to her collection. i don't even know. she's just wonderful. and then giving her surfboard from the teen choice awards to a leukemia patient.
Idk, i just love her.
And her collection.
Absolutely, Lauren Conrad Collection makes my life.

From the Lauren Conrad Collection. the Camille Wrap. from her Fall 2008 Collection
Cinched with a belt, one of the other fashion fall statements.
Wrap a belt around anyyything, from shirt dresses to sweaters.
It'll look cuute and fashionable.


Jaqueline Top, also from her fall 2008 collection.
One shoulder tops are another thing forrrrr Fall.
Keep an eye out for that, theyre coming baaaaaack.
Back in black. and every other color.

Chanel Dress.
i dont know, but all her designs are simple. And that's what i like about it.
They're simple, wearable, and cute.
What else do you need?

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From the Yves Saint Laurent Runway.
Looking through runway shows, ive seen lots of color. mostly neutrals like black, brown, white, brownish-orange.
buut there's also been a sprinkle of pretty colors. like a mustard yellow. if you find that pretty.
but it looks good on the models.
also a tealish color, which i already blogged on. annnnnnnd...a pastely pink.

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Fashion Week

Spring 2009 Fashion Week:
September 5-12, 2008 in New York.
October 14-18th in Los Angeles.

Just a reminder to keep in mind the best and craziest weeks in fashion!