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How Sweet.

hahahah these are so cute.
i was just roaming through Urban Outfitters to look for some boots cuz you know, it's pretty much "boot season." i dont even think thats that's like, a real phrase.
these are cute.
and perfect for summer.
and their for sale for $24.99 ($10 cheaper than regular price :] )

Charlotte Ronson at Urban

Maybe I'm just late on this news, but maybe i'm not. So hey, don't blame me, at least I'm letting you know. Haha
Well i was just browsing and oh my, Urban Outfitters carries Charlotte Ronson dresses!
Okay well, maybe not just dresses, but bags and cardigans and skirts and SHOES and etc.
and NOT JUST Charlotte Ronson clothing, but PLAY by C. Ronson
Am i the only one astonished by this new discovery?
I loveeeeeeeeeee Urban Outfitters, and adding Charlotte Ronson to the picture just makes it even MORE lovable.


Play by C. Ronson Cardigan. $39.99 (originally $98.00 how crazy is that?!)

Charlotte Ronson Penelope Boot $199

shes my new favorite.
go check it out.
there's more at Urban Outfitters, my new wonderful, lovely, beautiful, store.

Hoops Of Hope

Just something i'd like to share.
Hoops of Hope is a fund raising organization that consists of shooting free-throws.
For every hoop that you shoot, you are helping to build a medical facility in Zambia where there are so many (thousands) of children who suffer from becoming orphans because they are losing their parents to AIDS.
One kid, Austin Gutwein, started this organization at age 9 to help make a difference in the world.
Now he's around the age of 13 and he's already help build a high school in Zambia and a medical facility.
It wouldn't be a bad idea if you wanted to help those kids in Zambia.
All you need to do is sign up on the website and your set.

Have fun and raise money to help those at Zambia who are orphaned everry day.

Whitney Port

One of the star's of The Hills is following in Lauren Conrad's footsteps.
Whitney Port has her own clothing line, and its on sale at Kitson.
Her line's called Whitney Eve.
and i dont know what to say about it now, just cause there's only 2 pieces online at the moment.
But the price range is prettttty crazy..



crazy much?
we'll see how the rest of the line turns out
but for now, its pretty cute.
the price range is eh. LC's dresses are like, $200 cheaper.
BTW, you should check out her new fall 2008 line.
its cuute.

I [Heart] Ronson

That title explains it all.
i do [Heart] Charlotte Ronson.
and what more, her sportswear line for J.C. Penny is called just that.
I [Heart] Ronson.
The line will be selling in half of the J.C. Penny stores and online.
The items will go on sale in February. So be prepared for that.
Kinda random, just cause i would've expected her line to go to Macy's or at least Target.
But who knows, as long as Charlotte Ronson's there, it might be just BEAUTIFUL.

Betsey Johnson

I think, the most crazy, wonderful, beautiful, pretty, full of enthusiastic-ness designer is Betsey Johnson.

i love her.
her designs are always whatever she wants them to be.
and theyre UTTERLY beautiful.
i dont even know, words cant express her wonderfulness.
and she's been designing from the 1960's.
That's soooooooo crazy.
they're still the cutest, most beautiful, designs ever.


the end.

Sale at Old Navy

Sooo i just uncovered some dirt from Fashionista.
Old Navy is having a sale.
October 3-5th.
Mark your calendars, although it's already the 3rd, you've got two more days!!
Its kinda like an early columbus day sale.
And 1,492 things are going to be on sale for 14.92 (and under)!!
So iiiiiiiii think, you should go check it out
its BOTH online and in stores.
Perfect time to get basics for your fall wardrobe!
So gogogo.

Happy huntinggg ♥

Orange filling

If there's one color i've seen everywhere on the Spring 09 Runway...
its the color orange.
it's always in one shade too,
bright, pretty, orange.
Reminds me of those creamsicles you know?
okay WELL.
just keep in mind for spring...

From Oscar de la Renta to Josh Goot, it's everywhere.
and just a btw,
Josh Goot's line is sooooooooooooooooooo COLORFUL.
ill write about it sometime.
its beautiful and i think his whole line just describes spring.
well done.