ToW #9: Preserve Your Jeans

This week's tip has to do with  a clothing item that every one of us has. From two pairs to maybe 14, jeans are probably the most purchased item for each one of us and it's definitely important that we know how to care for our beloved pairs. So here's three quick tips for your jeans!

1. When trying and buying dark wash jeans, make sure you buy the size that fits tightest on you. Dark wash jeans are made with elastine (because it holds dark colors well) and they will stretch out after a wear or two. You don't want to buy dark jeans that are loose and find them to be even looser two weeks later!

2. Wash your jeans as little as possible. I know you might think that sounds gross, but it actually preserves your jeans! And when you do throw them in the laundry, make sure you use cold water as heat can damage the jeans. I turn my jeans inside out before washing so that it keeps them from wearing out quickly.

3. Once in a while, to clean dark jeans, fill up a bathtub with room temperature water and add 1/8 cup of vinegar to the water. Put the jeans in the tub, laying them flat and let them soak for 20 minutes. Let them air-dry and the dark color of your jeans will be set!


And if you're looking for some cute jeans to add to your collection, here's some of my favorite brands:

Hudson Jeans & Joe's Jeans: super comfortable, the signature pockets flatter any tush, and I'm wearing a pair of Hudson's right now!

Gap Jeans & Levi's: classic, cheaper than designer brands but about the same quality, and so many fits to choose from.

Happy jean hunting!