Ten-Year-Old Designer?

Really so amazing to watch. When I read that this ten-year-old girl, Cecilia Cassini, designed a "fitted sequin tunic dress" just for Miley Cyrus, I didn't believe she could have been ten-years-old. So I checked her out and found this video that I thought I would share. It's seriously unbelievable. Up-and-coming designer? I think so.

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Rihanna’s Working It

Latest news is that Rihanna's gonna design her own fashion line.
It seems like all the latest stars are doing this.
Lauren Conrad
Victoria Beckham
Paris Hilton
Ahhh, I think Rihanna's line will be beautiful, just like she is.
with punky rock pieces, and a girly touch.
we'll seeeee yes?
no word on WHEN the star will start or when its coming out.
but its in the process.
Rihanna's not only going to start her own line but she's also teaming up with an ad campaign with Gucci for Unicef.
Keep your heads upp. :]

Kira Plastinina

New Designer.
Beautiful Designer.
Kira Plastinina
16 year old girl, who started out in Moscow, and now is opening 14 of her stores here in the U.S. by the end of the year.
Talk about crazyyy.
Her designs are fun and cute and totally worth wearing.
If you're thinking she seems like an expensive designer, truth isss...she's really not.
Her designs aren't like, $400 a dress. More like $40 to $60.

Bubble Dress $34

Hugs & Kisses Tee $36 [dont' worry, there's cheaper shirts from $15]

Short Sleeved Coat $54


she's quite wonderful for a break out designer.