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She acts, she sings, she’s beautiful

And her name is Blair Waldorf.
Well, not exactly.
It's Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl, who plays Blair Waldorf...if you didn't already know.
But i doubt anyone doesn't know.
Anyways, if you get Teen Vogue, or you buy it, be prepared to see beautiful Leighton on the cover of the February issue.

Feb 2009 Cover

And as for her singing...
She's hoping to release a debut album in the spring.
that was totally not expected and I'm kind of excited to hear it.
Who knows, it might be better than Heidi Montag's first music video.
Leighton says from the Teen Vogue interview, "The music is very fun. It's edgy, like electropop rather than bubblegum and you can dance to it."
Well, all you can do is wait for the issue and the music and Gossip Girl which returns on January 5th.

je l’aime

The balloons, Sofia Coppola directing it, the model Maryna Linchuk whose freaking beautiful.

Miss Dior Cherie.

All You Need Is Love

You know the Beatles, how could you not?
And secondly, you know the movie, Across the Universe, which was made up of Beatles songs.
Well, Forever21 is bringing the Beatles to their clothing.
No joke.
So if you wanna show off your love for the Beatles thennn...Forever21 it is!
Although im sure there are plenty of other places where you could find much better looking shirts...but they're probably priced higher.
And priced at $14.90, why not?
so it's all good.


btw, there are a bunch more tees of bands and people like The Who, Marilyn Monroe, Power Rangers, Mickey Mouse, Rolling Stones, etc.

Dear Prada,

You are freaking beautiful.

Not just your gorgeous designs, but your PHONE.
Like seriously, who can be such a great designer, with such great designs, and phones.
Multitask much?
But really, the phone, a touch screen.
With a pull out full qwerty keyboard, touch screen, 5 mp camera, and a full html browser...what else is there?!
I dont know, a phone coming from a great designer... i expected no less.

Kids These Days.

9-year old boys, they're so cute.
Well, at least this one :]
He wrote a book, which started out selling at his local book fair at school, and now, it's published and out in the market.
Well anyways, his name is Alec. Alec Greven to be exact.
And he pretty much is one smart 9 year old boy in 4th grade.
Could be a player too.
I think this just made my day, along with someone who was walking backwards and backed up into a tree.
So this boy.
His book is called "How To Talk To Girls."

And i first found out about it by looking at my homepage, which linked me to The New York Post.
Read it hereeeeee.
He's lovely, he's smart for a 4th grader.
He says he wrote it because: "I saw a lot of boys that had trouble talking to girls," Alec said.

Cute kid.

although i don't think the smart guys one is true for everyone but hey, you don't want a completely stupid one either.