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Shoulder Jewelry

As I was browsing through jewelry online, I came across something that I thought was odd.
It's shoulder jewelry.

1. I don't know how this would even stay in place
2. I feel like you'd be uncomfortable with this on your shoulders
3. Never seen anything like it.
4. It's $48.

I found it here, at Urban Outfitters.

It seems really awkward to walk around with shoulder "necklaces." But that's just my opinion.

Material Girl

Macy's new line, Material Girl, debuted on August 3rd. The line, designed by Madonna who teamed up with her 13-year-old daughter, Lourdes, is a mix of bold, edgy, flirty, and fun pieces that are very versatile. The price range is in the $20's, so it's really not that bad. The clothing pieces range from bandeaus to jeans, skirts, and dresses. The line also features handbags and jewelry.

Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen is the face of Madonna's new line, showing off her heavy-eyeliner-ed eyes and her individual style. According to the Material Girl site, Taylor was chosen as the Material Girl face because "she embodies style, innovation, and self-confidence." Makes sense because she's an actress on a captivating TV teen drama and even has a band, The Pretty Reckless, that just recently signed a deal with Interscope Records. Not only does she sing and act, but she's also working on her modeling career. Being the face of the Material Girl line wasn't the only line she was the face of. There was New Look, a British fashion chain. Upcoming, Taylor will also be the model for John Galliano's unnamed new womens fragrance.

Not exactly a fan of her, but at 17, she's putting her footprints into the pavement and walking her own way towards her goals.

Though Material Girl has seemed to be doing well, it seems to have fallen into some mud Thursday. Madonna's fashion line has actually been sued by another California clothing company, L.A. Triumph. The other company has said that it's been marketing clothes under the "Material Girl" brand since 1997. L.A. Triumph is also asking for Madonna and her company to turn over all of the profits made from their label. Macy's has declined to comment and Madonna has yet to comment. Looks like we'll see how this goes in the coming weeks! But for now, you can enjoy her new line at Macy's!

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Running With Socks

If you dislike wearing tennis shoes (much like I do) and run daily or even occasionally, you might like this new item. The Vibram FiveFingers.
Vibram began making these "shoes" in 2006 but they haven't reached mainstream until just last year. These shoes give you the ability to walk/run/play barefoot while keeping your feet protected. The FiveFingers has a thin flexible sole and individual pockets for toes (like toe socks) that help to strengthen and to stretch muscles in the feet, improving balance and agility. With these shoes, your feet are able to move more naturally therefore improving the range of motion in your ankles, feet, and toes.

According to many experts, the shoes we wear weaken our foot and leg muscles which leave them more prone to injury and even underdeveloped. Dan Lieberman, a scientist at Harvard University, developed a test for runners with shoes, and those without. Through this test, it is found that most runners land on their heel which generates a "sharp strike of force." Basically, it's like someone hitting you on the heel with a hammer about 1 1/2 to 3 times your body weight.
However, those who ran barefoot usually landed on the ball of their foot or in the middle of their foot. Then they would come down on their heel which much less force than those who ran with shoes.

So basically, not only are these FiveFingers good for your feet and for yourself, but they feel good because you're able to move more naturally. Plus, you can do whatever you like in them--run miles, play volleyball, or take a walk.
Though, they're a little bit pricey: starting at $75 and going up to $110 at REI , you could just run straight barefoot. But that might be a little bit dangerous.

By the way, Matthew McConaughey has even been seen running with these and Channing Tatum as well.

A Tease For Upcoming Posts

Just to let you know what's coming up on Modalove and what I'm in the process of writing up!

Fashion's Night Out: It's second year is coming up and on September 10, New York along with other major fashion capitals and cities are rolling out the shopping extravaganza. Also, new this year, New York is hosting the claimed "biggest fashion show ever held in NY" three days before the 10th. More information on that very soon, since it's coming up in less than a month!

Spring 2010's Ready-To-Wear runways were scattered with tattoos all over the models. And no, not permanent tattoos, but temporary ones that range from amazingly artistic and feminine to dark and heavy.

And I'll be working on the "Find of the Day (or Week)", that I once began long ago.

Keep on coming back, they'll be something new hopefully continuously!