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ToW #6: Half-Moon Spring Nail Trend

All over the Spring 2011 Runway, the inverse french nail manicure has proved to be a lasting spring trend as it's everyone on the runway.

So here's a step-by-step tutorial for the half-moon manicure as it's definitely a hot trend to try this spring.

Falling in love with the manicure itself, I decided to try it out with a silver moon at the base of the nail and a navy color for the rest. I'm happy to say that I'm completely satisfied with my nails and I do think they look really classy.

It's actually an extremely easy manicure to do yourself. If you have hole reinforcements, they'll help immensely with making the half-moon at the base of the nail.

So as a DIY:

1. After painting a base coat, choose a color that you would like to be your half-moon. Whites, silvers, grays, or any neutral will work perfectly. Paint your entire nail with this color.
2. Let the color completely dry then take your hole reinforcements and stick them to the bottom of the nail, creating an arch that will be your half-moon.
3. Take your second color, a complement to the one you chose as your half-moon, and paint the rest of the nail.
4. After it has dried, peel the reinforcements off slowly and polish a top coat over.

Photo: Joey D'Arco for StyleCaster