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Fashion’s Night Out 2011

For the third year in a row, Fashion's Night Out is back and better than ever! The list of Fashion's Night Out events and parties is officially out on This event occurs all over the world and is aimed at supporting the fashion industry through the consumers who are out shopping the night of September 8, 2011. But this year is a little bit different (better) than the last two years. For those who can't make it out to Los Angeles, New York City, Milan, and various other cities, you can shop online with more than 200 online retailers!

According to, this year, there will be citywide scavenger hunt, designers offering style tips, basketball stars Dwayne Wade and A'mare Stoudemire showing off their skills, and so much more. This is one event you definitely do not want to miss.

If you're planning on going, there's an iPhone and Android app to help plan your itinerary for the night!

And of course, with another year of this style-studded event, comes a new collection. Up online at FashionsNightOut are long-sleeves, t's, a hat, and bags. I have a t-shirt from the first Fashion's Night Out in 2009, and let me just say, these shirts keep getting lovelier every year.


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The Most Expensive Flip Flop

This title tells no lie. The world's most expensive flip flop is not a couple hundred dollars but actually $18,000. Seriously, jaw dropping. Now before you ask yourself why anyone would ever spend $18,000 on a pair of flip flops, let me tell you why its worth more than a 2011 Honda Civic or a Kia Soul (remember those dancing hamsters in the commercials?).

Chipkos makes sandals that are "comfortable yet durable" and are environmentally friendly. Their sandals for both men and women range from $42 to $58, so they're not cheap to begin with. But the thing is, for every pair of sandals bought, Chipkos adopts 100 square feet of an endangered rain forest. So though they may be a little on the pricy side, you're helping out the environment one step at a time!

Now, these $18,000 flip flops are also environmentally friendly but have a lot more perks. Instead of just adopted 100 sq feet of an endangered rain forest, Chipkos adopts 100,000 square feet! But that's definitely not all. Each of these flip flops are one-of-a-kind as they are hand painted by David Palmer, Los Angeles contemporary artist. The Chipkos emblem on each sandal is engraved with 18 carat eco-friendly gold and you get a wood and glass display case for the sandals since these sandals are meant to be collectables. And this isn't even the end of it: with the purchase of these sandals, you get to meet the artist behind the paintings and you are given a two night stay at the eco-friendly Montage hotel in Beverly Hills.

So yes, these sandals are kind of ridiculous in that they are extremely pricey, but you do get a lot and you help save part of a rainforest! If you have $18,000 to blow, then go for it. If not, you can always help out by buying Chipkos' other sandals!

Photo: Chipkos

Missoni for Target

This fall, make way for fun prints and colors at your local Target! Italian design house Missoni has paired up with Target for their next designer collaboration. We've all been waiting for the next big designer collaboration from Target and this most certainly is it. With over 400 pieces including clothing (for women, children, and men), bedding, and dinnerware in plenty of Missoni's colorful swirls, florals, and zig zags.

Check it out online and in stores beginning September 13 through October 22. With fun-filled pieces like these, I don't think you'll want to miss out! Here's just a little sneak peek of what's to come:

Plus, if you're looking for a bike that'll stand out from the rest, look no further as Missoni's collaboration includes a zig zag patterned bike!