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Brad Pitt: The Face of Chanel No. 5

Brad Pitt has proved the attractiveness of his face as he will be the face of Chanel's classic woman's perfume, Chanel No. 5.

Chanel tweeted today that the 48-year-old actor and dad would star as the face of the perfume, according to

The campaign is set to shoot in London this week, according to The Huffington Post.

Joining Nicole Kidman and Marilyn Monroe, Pitt will be the first male face of the couture house's most famous fragrance.

The Chanel No. 5 will be released sometime in the fall.

But of all fresh faces, why Pitt for the face of the most classic woman's scent from an iconic fashion house? What do you think?

ToW #12: Get Kissable Lips

I've been having a marathon of MTV's classic reality show featuring Lauren Conrad and oodles of Heidi (things were so different before that Speidi mess): The Hills.
While watching and reminiscing over Season 1, I've realized that Lauren always has fabulous lips which I'm jealous of. I mean, who wouldn't want perfectly moisturized lips?
Although Chapstick may seem to be a temporary solution for chapped lips, there's a better way to keep your lips hydrated and it can simply be found in your refrigerator: a cucumber!

LC suggests slicing up a cold cucumber and pressing it to your lips for a few minutes. The veggie has healing properties (think cold slicked cucumbers on your eyes for instant under-eye bag relief!) as it can relieve dryness and irritation.

But don't just rely on cucumber! Remember to drink water everyday to keep your pout and body hydrated, especially as summer rolls around.

xoxo, Leila

Lauren Conrad’s Beauty Book

The fashionista who has reigned as queen reality show star in hit MTV TV shows Laguna Beach and The Hills and has moved on to be a fashion and beauty icon for all those interested has done it again. Lauren Conrad, in addition to her L.A. Candy series and best-seller Lauren Conrad Fashion, is going to release Lauren Conrad Beauty: a guide to everything beauty-related.

As Lauren says herself on her website:

"This books is an opportunity for me to pass on all the things I've learned along the way (and some of the missteps)."

She states that readers will be able to find her favorite beauty tips and tricks and tutorials.

The book will be launching in stores on October 16. This is also the date of the release date of her next book in The Fame Game trilogy: Starstuck. 

Take a look at the cover, released today!
Are you a Lauren Conrad fan and will you be picking up this book?


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