The Perfect Angled Manicure

With spring weather finally starting to make it's appearance, I went on a nail frenzy (meaning I painted my nails three times over the past two weeks).

Today, I tried out something different: an angled manicure. 

I was inspired by The Beauty Department's Gold Leaf manicure and would've done it, but being a first-year college student with lack of craft supplies, I made it work with my nail polish. 

All you need are two of your favorite nail polishes. It's more fun if you choose contrasting colors (try color-blocking with pink and orange or blue and green!) or a metallic and a light polish.

I used essie nail polish in chinchilly and Revlon Top Speed in Metallic 860.



  1. Use your favorite base coat before you paint your nails! Super important to keep your nails looking beautiful. Also, if you have a buffing block, buff your nails! If not, I suggest you get one because they are wonderful for smoothing and shaping your nails. Check out this one from Sephora.
  2. Choose the polish that will be your base and paint two coats.
  3. Take whatever color you choose to angle your nails with. On your left hand, the angles will be going from bottom left to top right. On your right, angles go from bottom right to top left. 
  4. Angle your brush and just swipe it from the middle of the length of your nail to around the middle of the tip of your nail.
  5. Finish with a top coat and voila, the perfect angled manicure!


Enjoy your spring days with beautiful nails!

xoxo, Leila

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Tip of the Week #5: Eyeliner Troubles?

We all have that problem where our eyeliner just does not want to cooperate. You'll try to line your eyes with it but it'll crumble and smear when you put it on your lids. So what do you do?

Here's a simple solution:

Store your eyeliner in the freezer for 15 minutes before use. This way, the tip of the liner will be firm and slide across your lids ever-so-smoothly.

No more worries regarding smears for flawlessly lined eyes!

xoxo, Leila

Tip of the Week #4: Perfect Curled Lashes

Everyone wouldn't mind some curlier lashes. Here's  a simple trick to make your eyes look more awake in the mornings:

  • Heat up your eyelash curler by blowing your hair dryer on it for about 5 seconds
  • Begin by placing your eyelash curler at the base of lashes and hold for about 3 seconds
  • Move on to the middle of your lashes and hold for 3 seconds
  • Then end at the tip of your lashes and hold for 3 seconds

And voila! A simple way to make yourself look a little bit brighter in the mornings.

xoxo, Leila


Tip of the Week #3: Body Mask

Looking for super smooth skin and want to achieve it naturally? Try avocados!

To moisturize your skin:

  • Remove the pit and skin from a ripe avocado and mash it up in a bowl
  • Slather it all over your body
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes
  • Then rinse

Although it may sound gross, avocado is actually a natural moisturizer so your body will feel incredibly good afterwards.


xoxo, Leila

forever beauty

If you don't already know, Forever 21 has launched a beauty line. It's called Love & Beauty. Well, I don't really have much to say about this new line because I have yet to try it. Although I'm not a big make-up wearer anyways.
But basically, based off of the website, they have Soy Candles. When I read that, I instantly went, "there's such thing as soy candles?!" Then I realized that I saw these exact candles in store the other day and they look like jelly candles. But I guess it actually IS made of soy. And it's on sale for $4.
Other products include lip gloss, bronzer, blush, lip stick, eyeshadow, mineral powder, candle sets, mascara, perfume, etc. All between the prices of $1 to $9.
Good price? Yeah. Good quality? Not too sure about that one.
But for the price, it's worth a try!

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