A Little Bit Of That, A Little Bit Of This

If you don't know already, because I'm quite sure this is late news (just a tad), Rihanna is appearing in ads for....
It's the UNICEF Tattoo Heart Ad.
I don't know what's up. But it's like all the celebrities, even gymnasts (ahem, Nastia), are taking over ads of prestigious brands.
Or they're making their own clothing. Like Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port (Or her other line called Eve & A) and Victoria Beckham.
It's almost like half of the clothing industry is being made or inspired by a celebrity.
Not like that's a bad thing, just an observation.
And not like their clothing is horrible, i almost like them all.
And let's not forget about Rachel Bilson, whom i absolutely love.
Her line, Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans, there's not much but it's incredible. She is just so into style and I think I was always expecting a line or at least something from her.
Who might be next to bust out a line?

Gucci ad

Rihanna’s Working It

Latest news is that Rihanna's gonna design her own fashion line.
It seems like all the latest stars are doing this.
Lauren Conrad
Victoria Beckham
Paris Hilton
Ahhh, I think Rihanna's line will be beautiful, just like she is.
with punky rock pieces, and a girly touch.
we'll seeeee yes?
no word on WHEN the star will start or when its coming out.
but its in the process.
Rihanna's not only going to start her own line but she's also teaming up with an ad campaign with Gucci for Unicef.
Keep your heads upp. :]