Charlotte Ronson

Time to begin the Spring 2011 Fashion Week posts even though it ended on the 16th. At least I'm getting to it!
And I'm starting it off with Charlotte Ronson's collection which presented on September 11.
Her collection perfectly mixes feminine with grungy, piecing together plaids and florals with dark colors. She brings forth a laid-back look with slouchy and sheer clothing and combat boots and heels worn with socks.

Charlotte's first collection, C. Ronson, came out in 2000 and two years later she opened her own flagship store in New York. Gaining much success and publicity, she changed the name of her collection to Charlotte Ronson. As years went on, Ronson designed a line called Play by C. Ronson for Urban Outfitters. A year later, in Spring of 2009, she signed a deal with JC Penny and came out with a line called I [Heart] Ronson. Never failing to disappoint, Charlotte Ronson's collections for Fashion Week as well her collaborations with retailers are always beautiful and carry charm.

Shoulder Jewelry

As I was browsing through jewelry online, I came across something that I thought was odd.
It's shoulder jewelry.

1. I don't know how this would even stay in place
2. I feel like you'd be uncomfortable with this on your shoulders
3. Never seen anything like it.
4. It's $48.

I found it here, at Urban Outfitters.

It seems really awkward to walk around with shoulder "necklaces." But that's just my opinion.

Spring Trend: Gladiator Sandals

Looking at sandals, I've found these amazing strappy gladiators from Urban Outfitters. And well, I'm basically in love with them. They're perfect and they even have a bit of a heel.
As I looked through other websites, searching for the perfect sandal just for this spring-y weather, I came across these from Topshop and these from Nordstroms.
From knotted straps to studded straps to regular straps, the gladiator shoe from last season has reached its turning point--going from the normal looking (sometimes studded) straps to straps that have fantastic new additions.

Even seen on many of the Spring 2010 Ready-To-Wear runways, the straps are everywhere.

Narciso Rodrgiuez

Proenza Schouler. I love these because the straps are bungee cord; how astounding is that?



Goodbye 2008, Hello ’09

This year has been filled with plenty of stuff. From fashion highlights to "what?!", top songs that get stuck in everyone's head and even funny eye opening things. Like glow-in-the-dark converse, hooded scarves, and who knows what else.
Okay, and let's not keep this all fashion, the first African American president was elected, Barack Obama, and is officially starting his term on the 20th of January. His wife, Michelle Obama, pretty much awed everyone in her Narciso Rodriguez dress that she wore on election night. And then a devastating blow, Heath Ledger died. But he did a wonderful job in The Dark Knight.
--Starting with shoes: booties, fringe boots, square-toed heels and crazy shaped heels pretty much took over the shoe population.
--And then womens clothing took a turn into men territory, but it didn't look so bad. With trousers, vests, patent dress shoes, it actually looked alright and people could definitely work with it. Especially those that had to wear something dressy to work. It's not only men who can pull off menswear now.

Jasmine Di Milo Fall 08 Runway

--Something else that came as a huge devastation to the fashion world was the death of Yves Saint Laurent who died at 71.
--Dresses...and hair, was filled with crazzzzy volume. Let's not forget the egg shaped dresses found on many runways during the fall.
Alexander McQueen fall Runway:
Alexander McQueen

Not only were dresses crazy on volume, but color too, from brights to pastels, it was all here this year. And also sheer clothing popped up a lot on the runway this year.
Jean Paul Gaultier, Emanuel Ungaro, and Temperley London:
Runway Dresses

--So very many celebrities turned into designers this year. From Whitney Eve by Whitney Port (and her new show The City), dVb by Victoria Beckham, edie rose by Rachel Bilson, House of Harlow by Nicole Richie, L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne, Lauren Conrad and many more.
Victoria Beckham Runway

Victoria Beckham Runway


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Slipper. Socks. Muff.

It wasn't until today that i realized what a muff was.
But i've always pretended i had one when i was little.
Anyways, those keeps your hands warm.
Always good.
And then there's socks, which of course keep your feet warm. But they're not very...creative.
I mean okay, polkadots, stripes, hearts, stars, and every other pattern in the world, sure.
Then there's slippers. That you wear around the house, or maybe you don't, as another way to keep your feet warm.
Like Uggs, and i don't even know, just fuzzy slippers.

Why don't you put those all together. Not the muffs, cuz those are for you hands.
But Slipper. and Socks.
Slipper Socks!

Urban Outfitters. $14.00

hahah i think they're cute.
And you'd look cute walking around the house in them too, while keeping your feet warm.
i mean, why not?

Monkey Slipper sock. Omg i love it. haha

i found these at Forever 21

For $3.50
it works.


Let's say you want to carry on your sun dresses and skirts or you're just in a dressy mood.
But it's way too cold outside.
So what's your plan?
Either way, whether you have one or not, I've got one for you :]
So let's say it's cold, you want to wear one of your dresses that totally works for fall.
But you just don't want to pair it with Uggs, because that would just be so boring you know?
Everyone has Uggs...and everyone wears them.
And of course you'd wear tights but then again, they're soooo sheer and the wind goes right to them.
Put on some Sweater Knit Tights girrrrrrl.
haha they're perfect

These are from Urban Outfitters, my new favorite store.
They're $18 and they come in 2 colors, 3 patterns: black w/ bows, black w/flowers, and grey w/ a different pattern of flowers.
They are utterly cute. ♥ Another reason why i love Urban, they have cute clothes and they're just...adorable.

How Sweet.

hahahah these are so cute.
i was just roaming through Urban Outfitters to look for some boots cuz you know, it's pretty much "boot season." i dont even think thats that's like, a real phrase.
these are cute.
and perfect for summer.
and their for sale for $24.99 ($10 cheaper than regular price :] )

Charlotte Ronson at Urban

Maybe I'm just late on this news, but maybe i'm not. So hey, don't blame me, at least I'm letting you know. Haha
Well i was just browsing and oh my, Urban Outfitters carries Charlotte Ronson dresses!
Okay well, maybe not just dresses, but bags and cardigans and skirts and SHOES and etc.
and NOT JUST Charlotte Ronson clothing, but PLAY by C. Ronson
Am i the only one astonished by this new discovery?
I loveeeeeeeeeee Urban Outfitters, and adding Charlotte Ronson to the picture just makes it even MORE lovable.


Play by C. Ronson Cardigan. $39.99 (originally $98.00 how crazy is that?!)

Charlotte Ronson Penelope Boot $199

shes my new favorite.
go check it out.
there's more at Urban Outfitters, my new wonderful, lovely, beautiful, store.